Designer Suite 2005


NEW FOR 2012: Designer Suite is now an integrated module of Smartware Studio.
  • Migrate your Designer Suite 2005 to Smartware Studio for free (Core Module license required)
  • See the 'Upgrading to Smartware Studio'document below and the 'Smartware Studio' page for more detail
Designer Suite 2005 is a sophisticated environment for use in all aspects of project development and engineering. With it you can:
  • Browse and search over 10,000 parts and view Product Information PDF Files
  • Create and manage folder structures for your projects and their related documents
  • Engineer Submittal Drawings and Packages using a broad set of pre-built Visio stencil shapes with advanced properties
  • Generate a wide range of Material, Controller and Project reports
Available downloads for Designer Suite 2005
Setup and Installation
Designer Suite 2005 Setup_v3.8.176.msiDesigner Suite 2005 Setup File (v 3.8.176) - Includes Updated SE Pricing01/06/201241.30 MB
Designer Suite 2005 Setup_v3.8.173.msiDesigner Suite 2005 Setup File (v 3.8.173)05/16/201141.36 MB
Visio Viewer 2003 Setup.exeInstaller for Microsoft Visio Viewer 2003, used to provide preview pane in Designer Suite06/27/20105.31 MB
User Documentation
Designer Suite 2005 ‑ Upgrading to Smartware Studio.pdfUpgrading from Designer Suite 2005 to Smartware Studio12/27/20111.29 MB
Designer Suite 2005 ‑ User's Guide.pdfDesigner Suite 2005 User's Guide10/30/20076.47 MB
Designer Suite 2005 ‑ Database Manager.pdfParts Database Notes (referenced in DS Video #3)04/19/200644 KB
Video Training
Designer Suite 2005 Video 1 ‑ Overview.zipOverview of New Features08/26/200516.88 MB
Designer Suite 2005 Video 2 ‑ Schedules and Site Mgr.zipValve and Damper Schedules; Site Manager09/02/200514.04 MB
Designer Suite 2005 Video 3 ‑ Parts Database.zipThe Parts Database and Database Manager09/20/200515.46 MB
Designer Suite 2005 Video 4 ‑ Smart Clones.zipSmart Clones09/23/200516.70 MB
Designer Suite 2005 Video 5 ‑ WPT Integration.zipIntegration with WorkPlace Tech09/15/20066.92 MB
Designer Suite 2005 ‑ Announcement 05‑029.pdfDesigner Suite Announcement08/19/2005232 KB
Parts Databases
Belimo Parts for DS Setup_v3.4.1.msiBelimo Parts Update Setup File11/18/20072.46 MB
Greystone Installer Setup_v3.1.61.msiGreystone Energy Parts Update Setup File03/13/200616.62 MB
Greystone for Designer Suite 2005.pdfInstructions for Greystone Energy Parts for Designer Suite 2005.pdf03/13/2006104 KB
Beta Versions (Use with Caution)
Designer Suite 2005 Setup_v3.6.166.msiDesigner Suite 2005 Setup File (v 3.6.166) - Includes 1/15/11 Schneider Electric Price Update01/19/201140.57 MB
Best Practices
Best Practices (2002).zipBest Practices Documentation06/12/200223.43 MB
Designer Suite 2002 Standard Systems.zipStandard Systems for Designer Suite (warning: these drawings are older and likely contain parts and features no longer available. They should be used as examples and with care)07/10/200320.28 MB

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